fredag 27. januar 2012

Krafthallen - vinterbilde/ sports facility at the Univ. of Tromsø

The sports facility was finished in 2001 and contains a gym, sports fields, climbing wall ++ The building is based on natural ventilation. Here is a link to more information abut the building at the Architectural guide to Northern Norway website:

onsdag 25. januar 2012


We are looking forward to attending this interesting conference in Tromsø 26.01.12:
to quote the invite: " This second conference in the annual Landscapes in Change series delivers a critical perspective on the different practices shaping and constituting the landscapes of the high and arctic North. Landscape as an integral part of lived space develops and exists in a continuum of individual and collective practices, movements, economies and experiences, the complexity of which are not always recognizable in a visual representation."